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Tanking & Waterproofing services in Chatham, the Medway towns and Kent
We know everyone is looking to make the most of the space they have, whether adding additional space to your home, for an extra bedroom, play space, office or just storage, perhaps your needs are in an existing business premises, whatever the case while your immediate though may be to build out, many are now looking to utilise existing basement space.
The greatest challenge when dealing with basement is that they are prone to damp, however this is where Tanking & Waterproofing can help.
Tanking is the process of applying a cement or bitumen slurry coat or membrane which makes the basement area waterproof, this traditionally cover the floor and wall area.
With many properties throughout the Medway towns and Kent in general having a basement or a space that would lend itself to this process, it allows more a much more cost-effective way to utilise and create additional space in your home of business premises 
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The team at Anticc have carried this type of work many times, as a family run company based in the Chatham area, we have well over 20 years of experience of carrying out tanking, waterproofing or as some may refer to it damp proofing.
We are proud of the work we have carried out over the years, leaving many happy customers.
If you were looking to make the most of your unused space, why not call us to discuss your needs, either on 01634 779 593.
Once we have a general understanding we can arrange a good time to visit the premises and take a more detailed look and measurements in order to provide you with a no obligation quote.
Should we not answer, sometimes phone reception isn’t great while working in a basement, why pop your details into the enquiry form at the bottom of this page and we will look to give you a call as soon as we can

External vs Internal Tanking

Tanking basements is a crucial process for preventing water ingress into underground spaces. It involves creating a waterproof barrier around the exterior or interior of a basement to prevent water from entering. This is particularly important in areas prone to high groundwater levels, heavy rainfall, or where the basement is below the water table. 



The External Tanking method involves applying a waterproof membrane to the exterior walls and floor of the basement before backfiling. It's highly effective because it prevents water from ever reaching the walls of the basement. However, it can be more expensive and difficult to implement, especially if the building is already constructed. 
In the Internal tanking Method, waterproof materials are applied to the interior suirfaces of the basement walls and floor. It's more common in existing buildings where external tanking isn't an option. Internal tanking systems can include the application of waterproof slurry coats, membranes or panels to channel water away.

Materials Used:

Cementious coatings are a popular choice for internal tanking. they are a blend of cement and other materials that can be applied to walls and floors to create a wateproof barrier
Liquid Membranes are applied wet and then cure to form a rubbery, waterproof layer over surfaces. They can be used for both internal and external tanking.
Sheet membranes are preformed sheets of waterproof material that are applied to surfaces. They're commonly used in external tanking but can be used internally as well.


In addition to tanking, ensuring proper drainage around the basement is crucial. This can involve installing French drains or other drainage systems to divert water away from the foundation.
Good ventalation is necessary to manage humidity levels in a tanked basement and prevent condensation, which can lead to mould growth.
Regular inspection and maintenance of the tanking system and drainage are important to ensure their continued effectiveness.


Hydrostatic Pressure is the pressure exterted by water at rest. In basements, hydrostatic pressure can force water through cracks and joints in the concrete, making effective waterproofing challenging.
The cost and complexity of tanking a basement can be significant, esp[ecially if retroactively applying these systems to existing buildings.
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Top Company, would highly recommend Anitc Roofing And Building.
Location - ME4
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Great company!! highly recommend them to others!! I have asked them back in the summer to do more work for me. Thank you to you all for your hard work. 
Location - ME4
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An exceptional service. A very thorough job beforehand to see what was needed. I was offered multiple solutions very professional throughout.
Location - Rochester
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Professional company, Excellent service.
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Brilliant job, great service- will have no trouble recommending this company. The roof and chimney has been completed to a high standard.
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